Are rational numbers countable?

The original article was penned for a the magazine, Teacher, published by the Karnataka chapter of Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti. The intended audiences are a combination of high school math teachers and students of the age group 13-15, hence the lack of formal language and rigour. Suggestions and comments are welcome

What is a rational number? A number which can be expressed in the form \frac{p}{q} (p and q being integers) is called a rational number. These numbers follow some interesting properties.

Firstly, between any two rational numbers, there is another rational number.

Try this as an exercise - choose two rational numbers which you feel are close by and try to list a few numbers in between them. You will see that you can grow your list forever. Say you pick \frac{2}{5} and \frac{3}{5} . Lets try to follow a pattern when listing numbers in between them. We know for certain that the average of two numbers in between them. So first, I pick their average \frac{1}{2}. Now I take the average of \frac{2}{5} and \frac{1}{2} - \frac{9}{20}. Now I take the average of \frac{2}{5} and \frac{9}{20} - \frac{13}{20}. And so on. Following this technique, I will be able to keep on listing number, all which are between \frac{2}{5} and \frac{3}{5}. We have just demonstrated that there are infinitely many numbers in between any two rational numbers.

Mathematicians call the set of all rational numbers as a densely ordered set because of this beautiful property.

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Script to Download Fonts in Bulk From

Being into design related stuff since joining college, I've found it a necessity to maintain a decent font collection. In this post, I will share and explain the script which helped me to create my collection.

What my script does is download fonts directly off a top 20 list of fonts from, for each sub-category available there.

The website has a very organized way to let users download fonts. First, there are categories like Fancy, Foreign Look, Techno, Gothic etc. Under each of these categories, there are sub-categories. Each subcategory has an ID which will help our purpose.

You can just change the ID range in the script to download fonts of different category.

The Script

#! /usr/bin/python

# Name: Bulk Download Tool
# Version: 0.3
# Summary: A tool for downloading top 20 fonts of each sub-category of
# License: BSD
# Author: Pranav Ashok
# Author-email:
# Author-homepage:
# Support:
# Support: Twitter (@pranavashok)

from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup
import re
import os
import commands
import string

for cat in range(101, 119): #ID Range 101-119
	url = '' % cat
	contents = commands.getoutput("curl -s '"+url+"'")

	w = open('', 'a')
	soup = BeautifulSoup(contents)
	directory = soup.find('title').contents
	wholeTag = soup.findAll('a', {"class" : "dl"})
	directory[0] = string.rstrip(directory[0], " |")
	fontCat, useless, subCat = directory[0].partition(" > ")
	w.write('mkdir \"%s\"\n' % fontCat)
	w.write('cd \"%s\"\n' % fontCat)

	w.write('mkdir \"%s\"\n' % subCat)
	w.write('cd \"%s\"\n' % subCat)
	for link in wholeTag:
		name = os.path.basename(link['href'])
		fileName, fileExt = os.path.splitext(name)
		fileName = string.lstrip(fileName, "?f=")
		w.write('wget -c -O \"\" \"%s\" \n' % (fileName, link['href']))
	w.write('cd ..\n')
	w.write('cd ..\n')

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Script to Download TED Videos in Bulk

I recently became addicted to TED Videos. This inspired me to create a simple python script which helps one download TED Talks in bulk. Here is the main part of the script. Scroll down for download link and usage instructions.

#! /usr/bin/python

# Name: TED Video Downloader
# Version: 0.4
# Summary: A bulk TED Talks download tool
# License: BSD
# Author: Pranav Ashok
# Author-email:
# Author-homepage:
# Support:
# Support: Twitter (@pranavashok)

from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup
from urllib2 import urlopen
import re
import os
import sys

f = open(sys.argv[1], 'r')
for link in f:
	web = urlopen(link)
	soup = BeautifulSoup(
	wholeTag = soup.find(href=re.compile(""))

	name = os.path.basename(link)
	fileName, fileExt = os.path.splitext(name)
	outputFile = fileName+".mp4"

	# wholeTag['href'] gives the value of the href attribute
	downloadUrl = wholeTag['href']

	w = open('', 'a')
	w.write('wget -c -O \"%s\" \"%s\"\n' % (outputFile, downloadUrl))

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Start Using Linux - Basic Terminal Commands

This is a compilation of some terminal commands I've found useful.

Before starting, I'd like to emphasize on a few things:
- You might want to understand the filesystem hierarchy in linux before you start.
- When you start terminal, your default working directory is /home/user-name
- If you want to get more info on any command, just type '
command-name --help' without the quotes in terminal.
- In this post, when I say 'type' something in terminal, it means 'execute it' by typing it and pressing enter.
- Whenever you want to end a looping command, for example, ping in terminal - press Ctrl + C.

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Creating a WordPress Sandbox - Installing WordPress Locally

Here's a video I created an hour ago. Basically, it guides you in creating a wordpress sandbox to test your themes/plugins and other features of wordpress.

You'll need to download:
1. WAMPServer 2 from and;
2. WordPress from

I'm planning to create more tutorial videos. Please give your suggestions, if any.

Batch Script to Generate File/Folder Listing

I was chatting with a friend who had a huge music collection and I wanted to know what all he had. This provoked me to make a batch script which would do the job. I did some research online and found out some basics of batch scripts. This is the final thing which I ended up with.

@echo Directory listing will be created at c:\dirList.txt
@dir %1 /S > c:\dirList.txt
@echo Opening c:\dirList.txt in Notepad
@notepad c:\dirList.txt

I think it’s self explanatory. But still, I’ll go ahead and explain.

1. Prints “Directory listing will be created at c:\dirList.txt”

2. dir is a command which will print the list of directories and files. %1 is a variable which will contain the location from where you run this script. /s is a switch for Continue reading Batch Script to Generate File/Folder Listing