Scheduling Your BSNL Broadband Connection During Night Unlimited

This was first posted in my old, dead blog Jazzed Up! on Dec 31, 2007 6:05 PM

Note: This trick is not specifically for BSNL Broadband, It applies for anyone who uses a broadband connection which requires you to connect using your username and password.

Wanted to schedule your BSNL Broadband Night Unlimited Connection to dial up automatically to the internet when the “happy hours” start because you wanted to download a huge file/use uTorrent? Well, here is a simple method. Now you don’t have to wake up every morning at 2:00 AM to connect or again at 8:00 AM to disconnect your connection.

Well, lets begin assuming that you have already finished setting up your connection, port forwarding etc. (see this for more information if you haven’t). This trick is very short and simple.

Open notepad and type:

rasdial [connection name] [username] [password]

without the square brackets.

For example, If I have named my connection Dataone, my username is pranav and my password is iwonttellyoumypass, I’ll type

rasdial Dataone pranav iwonttellyoumypass

Got it? Now click on File -> Save As…

Type in Connect.bat as the file name, select the location.

Note: You need to select a place where you will keep it permanently, If you move this file later on, then it won’t connect automatically.

For making a batch file which disconnects, open notepad again, copy and paste the following:

rasdial /disconnect

Save this as Disconnect.bat in the same location as before(not necessary).

But we need to schedule the connection. So what we do is open the Scheduled Tasks program(Thought it was waste when you saw it somewhere in the start menu, did you? Well now that is coming to your rescue!!!)

Go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Scheduled Tasks

Double click Add Scheduled Task to open a wizard. Click Next > Then click Browse, go to the location where you saved the Connect.bat file, click on it and then press open. Now select Daily and click next. Set the start time to 2:05 AM(This is the time when the night unlimited time starts. Since there can be uncertainty about when It becomes 2:00 AM for BSNL, we set a safe 2:05 AM or 2:10 AM) and press Next. Enter your Windows XP account password, if any, or else leave blank.

For those who didn’t enter a password:
Press next, check Open advanced properties for this task when I click on Finish and press finish. In the advanced properties dialog box which pops up, check Run only if logged on option at the bottom of the box. Click apply and then ok.

For those who entered a password, click next and then click finish.

Now, your computer will automatically connect to the internet at 2:05 AM.

If you also want to schedule disconnecting, then repeat the above steps selecting Disconnect.bat and setting the start time to 7:55 AM.

Now you can keep your computer running and sleep peacefully. Sweet dreams!

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33 thoughts on “Scheduling Your BSNL Broadband Connection During Night Unlimited”

  1. Just use Free Download Manager. It has a good scheduler. You can easily connect to broadband at 2 am

  2. Thx dude,
    u may get error while ur account name with white space.
    rasdial Broadband Connection USERNAME PASSWORD
    (Remote Access error 691:Username/Password is is invalid)

  3. What is the problem you're facing? Didn't the above instructions work? Only difference will be where the scheduled tasks is located. Rest all must be same.

  4. I am connected to the internet after I switch on the modem. No double clicks. Using BSNL PPOE. Where can I find “connection name”?

  5. Go to
    Usename: admin
    Password: admin

    Here are instructions for UTStarcom modem:
    Go to WAN Settings (in Advanced Setup) ->
    Press Edit (Settings of your current connection is probably the one on top of the table) ->
    Click Next ->
    Select Bridging ->
    Click Next and then Save.

    Once this is done, you need to create a new connection in windows. I don't exactly remember the steps for that (I'm using linux now). Ask a friend who does.

  6. thanks a lot 
    it starts at night time,but its not getting disconnected
    is there any way to turn off the system at 8

  7. Instead of going through all these manual steps why dont just use UBitter? It is freeware, Here is its link:

    All one has to do is just click on START. Thats it ! It will connect automatically after 2:00 AM , start torrent and disconnects + shutdown at 8:00 AM. Just match your computer time with Indian Standard Time . Even if time is not matched accurately, it does takes into accounts 5 minutes error during connecting as well as disconnecting. So it gives no chance in anyway your bills get exceeded or sleep gets disrupted. I myself been using this for months now.

  8. Why not try Auto-connect download scheduler ? It is very light weight, small utility ( just a MB), and can wake up your system, connect to internet or reboot modem, run torrent client, close it, disconnect or reboot modem, and shut down the system. Supports most of the modems, works on Windows 7, and stores timings of tasks, for reusability, also can be set to run daily. And its a freeware :)

  9. i hav windows seven ...............tell me how this trick will work in windoes seven ........i hv tried it and t doesnt me dear...

  10. Thanks Dexter_darklab ... I have windows 7 and your application works like a charm. Its the best one out here for scheduling downloads!

  11. thanks a lot man!!

    however, just one add in - in the properties of the connection , in the "options" tab, if you un-check the "prompt for name, password" checkbox, then u can shorten the batch file code to just - "rasdial Dataone".


  12. Hi people,

     you can use the command prompt shutdown code to shut down your pc at 8am. Just write it as a script line (basically, the line below). no need to create a bat file.

    shutdown -s -t 60 -c "Had a good bsnl download tonight !!"

    -s is the code for shutdown
    -t 60 thats the time after which pc will shutdown once the task is executed, you can change the time (in seconds... 60, 120,134,...whatever ; 0 in case of instant shutdown)
    -c is the comment it'll show while shutting down, you can put anything there. you can altogether delete it if you don't want any comments (from  -c till the end)

    *IMPORTANT* : this will shutdown your pc. if you want to stop the shutdown in those 60* seconds do this : win+r (start menu > run), type cmd, hit ok, and when command prompt opens write this -> shutdown -a and hit enter. -a is for abort.
    Windows 7 Users : Go ahead with creating a basic task as it is simpler. name (next) daily (next) time (next) start a program (next) write the script lines here / browse for utorrent (finish)

    I hope that helps, if basic task doesn't work you'll have to go through creating a proper task and not just basic and probably you'll need someone to help you there. I haven't tried the windows scheduler because when i got windows 7 I was out of India, no bsnl for me. :-/

    Good luck.

  13. developments Win7 people; I have learnt that for writing scripts in windows 7 task scheduler is a bit different than what it used to be in winXP.

    here, in program write rasdial.exe ; and write username password in attributes (instead of everything in a single line as it was in xp).
    same goes for shutdown.exe in programs... and -s -t 60 -c "xxxx" in attributes :-) hope that helps.

  14. hey i cannot get connected to can disconnect ??? need help win 7. i tried this without bracks radial Broardband (username) (pass)

  15. I had been using this marvellous tip and sleeping late till day before yesterday. Since then the trick refuses to open or close the BSNL net connection. I have tried doing it afresh all over again. The batch files simply dont work. The connection is working fine when clickedfrom the BSNL shortcut. Can U suggest something?

  16. parnav Bhai....this is good not good its fabulas.....
    because its work fine my dear....
    this tricks i m using before 1 year....but i m not sharing comments 
    sorry for that......

    and thanks for this post.....

    god bless u bye n tkcr

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