Creating a WordPress Sandbox - Installing WordPress Locally

Here's a video I created an hour ago. Basically, it guides you in creating a wordpress sandbox to test your themes/plugins and other features of wordpress.

You'll need to download:
1. WAMPServer 2 fromĀ and;
2. WordPress fromĀ

I'm planning to create more tutorial videos. Please give your suggestions, if any.

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I'm a student pursuing a masters degree in Theoretical Computer Science. Prior to this, I completed my bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering and worked for an year, until I realized that the slogging off at an office in front of the computer is not the job for me. I am easily fascinated and distracted by everything under the sun, which has kept me busy trying to figure out what I am going to. I love dreaming about making radical life decisions, bringing happiness on faces and about a world full of meadows and fluttery creatures and people who do not judge you for what you love doing.

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