The Story of a Demand Draft

The Situation

The first round seat allotment of CCB 2009 (AIEEE) comes out. I find that I'm getting my first choice, Computer Science and Engineering at National Institute of Technology, Calicut :)

We're supposed to report at the college for admission any day between the 1st and 5th of July with some documents and 2 demand drafts. One of Rs. 24,000 and other of Rs. 1,000 both drawn in favor of Chairman CCB - 2009 payable at Warangal.

I'm planning to leave home for Calicut on 1st morning and report there on 2nd.

The time is around 1PM. Dad is busy; leaving no one other than me to draw the DD. I've never drawn a demand draft. Honestly, I've never Continue reading The Story of a Demand Draft Top Tracks Playlist Generator Using Python

This is mine and Clive's(@cliveverghese) latest venture. Allow me to explain this project.

A little bit of history...
I've been a user for more than a year. Recently, I started discovering new music. My busy schedule (okay, laziness) made it impossible for me to check out every song one by one and I wanted a quick way of listening to the good songs. Relying on public opinion seemed a good idea. I discussed about this with Clive and he said he was "in". And hence kicked off, this project.

This project, being our first real-world problem tackling was given the place it deserved in our schedules. After putting in much of thought, we thought we'd make it in C++. But after vainly trying to use the API, we had an urge to choose python. This would be the first time we used python in our lives. So the task was a bit more difficult. We thought we'd divide the project into two -
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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Hello guys, nice hour of the day to create my first blog post in this blog eh? Well, that's how life runs for me. This is the story of this blog...

Day before yesterday night, I was just thinking about the money in my paypal account when I got the idea about getting a new domain name. GoDaddy refuses to accept payment from unverified paypal users, so I asked Santosh if he knew an alternate way to get a domain. That's when he persuaded suggested that I can buy domains from his and Prashanth's new webhost - "Host Me". For no particular reason, I decided to go with a domain. Finally, yesterday (23th) at 8:52PM, I register this domain through Host Me.

To my surprise, the domain was activated within 25 minutes and I got the page put up by my current host as index.htm.

My hosts default index page
My host's default index page

So I sat wondering for some time, what was the intention of buying ''? Since I didn't get an answer to that question, I thought I'd make a blog out of it. After quite some time of theme searching, I ended up on this Vikiworks v5 theme which I found quite appealing. Especially because of the twitter bird in the sidebar :)

Now I'm here typing out this post for the past 10 to 15 minutes.

This is the story of this new found blog.

Good-bye, till next time!